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Wholesale Pvc Sheets Testing Knowledge

       Wholesale PVC Sheets is a practical raw material. Because its key component is polyethylene, it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride board. We can see it in the car roof or the interior decoration of some houses. The existence of this product, this product has several advantages such as moisture-proof, heat-insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction and high temperature resistance. What about foam board? Inspection of the surface of the PVC arch-extruded foam board. When inspecting the board surface of the PVC arch-extruded foam board, first touch the surface of the PVC arch-extruded foam board to see the flatness of the touch, the fineness of the texture of the mechanical equipment, and the It also depends on the color tone of the board surface. The normal color tone of the PVC arched foam board surface is milky white and the surface has no stains, no small pits, no pinholes and holes, and it is not easy to have gaps.
      The side inspection of the PVC arch-extruded foam board, in addition to the inspection of the board surface of the PVC arch-extruded foam board, the side inspection should also be carried out. When checking the side of the product, the flatness of the wound and its pores should be checked When checking the whole process of the side of the board, make sure that there are no pinholes, no thick holes, and no significant powder drop. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the chemical fibers of the cutting material have fallen off and chipped. If the above problems occur during the whole inspection process, it will cause great inconvenience to the production and processing of the finished products afterwards. The thickness, net weight and density of the PVC arch-extruded foam board should not only be checked for the appearance of the product, but also its thickness, net weight and relative density should be checked. It should be close to the board surface, and there should be no gaps. The thickness of the board should be uniform from top to bottom, and the thickness error should not be too large. It needs to be controlled within an effective range; when checking the net weight and relative density of the board, keep the net weight firmly in mind. And relative density optimization algorithm formula calculation to ensure accurate measurement data information is accurate.
      The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you. There are other relevant knowledge of China Waterproof PVC Foam Boards Manufacturers that the editor has not introduced. If you have other questions or questions, please feel free to Pay attention to our website, welcome to consult our online customer service, or make a phone call, and sincerely hope to work hand in hand with all new and old customers to achieve win-win cooperation and jointly create a better new brochure.
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