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Are you interested to RS Gold learn more about OSRS Thieving Guide? Let's get into it! Thieving , a skill for members only (locked to f2p) that allows players to pickpocket NPCs, steal from stalls, open locked doors and chests and disarm traps. When you pickpocket, you'll receive various loot such as coins, seeds as well as pieces of equipment, and much more.

The skill of thieving is lucrative as you won't waste all your money trading and always earn. This is the reason why it is an extremely popular techniques available in the game. In this guide you will get tips on how you can reach top levels of Thieving within a matter of minutes.

An extremely significant items you'll encounter during your course can be found in an Ardy Cloak that you can get after completing Ardougne Diaries. The second level of this item which you can earn by performing medium tasks, increases the chances of stealing in town by 10%. Upgrade to levels 3 or 4 results in the expansion of the effect to every place in RuneScape. It is also worth mentioning that you don't have to have the cape to benefit from its benefits.

The other item is for those who want to pickpocket. It improves the chance of stealing from NPC's by an additional 5%.Gloves of Silence come with an 62-charge that is depleted each moment your pickpocket is unsuccessful. To wear these gloves, Hunter level of 52 is necessary. While they may appear useful in fact they are not. Gloves bonus does not stack with Ardougne Cloak, which is a way worse alternative.

It's almost like a necessity when it comes to pickpocketing. When wearing a Dodgy Necklace player receives 25 percent chance of not being shocked, and they are not able to take any damages if they make a mistake in pickingpocketing. This significantly increases the amount of experience gained as well as the gold that is made, especially for low level players who fall more often. This item contains 10 charges that osrs accounts for sale deplete on each failure. Since it's a very low cost item and is available from Grand Exchange it should be always on hand during pickpocketing.

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