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Paper Manufacturers China Quality Introduction

1. Printing fluency:

The printing smoothness includes paper feeding and printing performance. When users choose china sticky sublimation paper, they should first ask the supplier for a sample of sublimation transfer paper of several meters. The wider width is easier to identify the quality.

(1) Appearance of the paper surface: First of all, pay attention to the importance of the paper roll. Unwinding and rewinding should be stable, the paper feeding should not be skewed, the paper edge should not be curled, and there should be no wrinkles or stains.

(2) Printing clarity: The test pattern is printed in high-precision mode, the requirements are: ① The lines should be clear and not melted; ② There are no obvious burrs on the edges of the lines; ③ The lines should not be blurred.

Note to users: Drying speed, printing clarity and conversion rate are contradictory. Do not require too much drying speed. Just ensure that the ink will not stick to the back of the paper during printing and winding. Therefore, you have to consider the main points of transfer paper selection: 1. No nozzles can be wiped; 2. The color is uniform, delicate and opaque; 3. It can meet the drying speed of automatic printing and winding.

(3) Printing smoothness, uniformity, drying speed: print black 1-meter-long color blocks, 720×720dpi, 260% ink volume, requirements: ①The height of printing folds is small (do not rub the nozzle, leave a safe distance); ② There are no white spots or obvious white spots on the surface of the color block; ③ There are no black spots on the back of the color block (no see-through); Quick-drying paper does not exceed 90 seconds). ). When printing large-area color blocks, please pay attention to the humidity of the printing environment. Generally, temperature and humidity control in the printing room is required, and the humidity is controlled at 40-70%. If your print room doesn't have humidity control, you won't even know the humidity during the print test. Before printing the test, the plastic bag of the thermal transfer paper roll should be peeled off for a day to make the thermal transfer paper match the ambient humidity before printing on the computer. Otherwise, when the paper roll is unpacked, it will quickly absorb the environmental humidity. deformed. Also, when water-based inks are wet printed, the fibers in the paper expand rapidly, arching badly and wiping the nozzles.

Another situation is that it is very dry (such as humidity less than 30%), which will cause serious arching if the paper manufacturers china suddenly absorb a large amount of ink.

The better the quality of the sublimation transfer paper, the smaller the arching height. This is because the small arched sublimation transfer paper is made of wood pulp with slow growth and high price, so the deformation is small. In addition, slow paper machine speed will make the paper less warped (low production efficiency), these two factors make the heat transfer paper more expensive, so when you are not printing heavy ink color blocks, only printing fancy patterns or Less expensive transfer paper is also available for small quantities of inkjet light-colored patterns.

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