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Prevention And Control Of Olive Net Manufacturers' Products

For greenhouse vegetables to grow well, pest control is a must. The following olive net manufacturers will introduce some pest control strategies for greenhouse vegetables.

1 Ecological control

Because vegetables in greenhouses generally grow at high temperature and humidity, and are prone to problems such as poor ventilation, especially when the pH of the soil tends to be acidic, it is easy to cause pests and diseases. To effectively avoid this situation, it is necessary to take effective ecological control measures according to the actual situation:

One is to ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days to ensure free circulation of air inside the greenhouse, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases;

The second is to require the staff to be fully familiar with the greenhouse environment, try to use natural conditions to prevent pests and reduce manual intervention, so that vegetables can be protected from human factors;

The third is to do a good job of strict supervision and control of vegetables in greenhouses. Once an abnormal situation is found, find the source of the problem and formulate an effective solution to control the problem within the range that can be solved.

2 Agricultural control

In agricultural control work, vegetable varieties must be selected to ensure their ability to resist pests.

One is to complete the corresponding drying and disinfection process before sowing to ensure that it has been in a healthy development state;

The second is to handle the work of raising seedlings in different places. The main purpose of raising seedlings in different places is to avoid problems of diseases and insect pests and ensure the health of vegetables;

The third is drug colonization. Because vegetables grown in greenhouses need to be sprayed with pesticides at least once before planting, select excellent seedlings, improve the survival rate of vegetables from the source, ensure the quality and yield of vegetables, and create higher economic benefits for vegetable farmers .

3.bird catching net physical control

Physical control measures refer to the use of advanced technical means to control pests and diseases and create a stable environment for the growth of vegetables. In actual use, common physical control measures mainly include colored plates, insecticidal lamps and colored paper, etc. These technologies are easy to operate, flexible, and have obvious insecticidal effects. To further control pests and diseases, it is also necessary to combine advanced technologies such as microwave insecticide and ozone to continuously improve the planting and insect control level of greenhouse vegetables.

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