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China NPT Thread Fittings Company Introduces Hydraulic Hose Selection Guide

For many people, hose assembly is the first time you decide which type of hydraulic hose you need. The choice of hose fittings can be a little overwhelming. China NPT Thread Fittings Company reminds that choosing the wrong hose fitting is one of the common causes of hose and fitting failure, and the responsibility of choosing a hose fitting will become more difficult. You may need a guide to help you choose the right hose fittings to help you narrow down your choices.

Hydraulic hoses and accessories transport hydraulic oil around your industrial machinery components. Generally, you will find that hydraulic hoses are made of durable and flexible materials, and because they are composed of multiple layers, they can provide incredible strength. The hydraulic hose is finally connected with the pipe fitting, and the pipe fitting can withstand multiple high-pressure points. The joint is also surrounded by the joint, making it easier to crimp. Therefore, you will have a strong, flexible, and leak-free connection. Reputable manufacturers will always ensure that their hoses, fittings, and other components have been properly tested and function as expected. The impulse test of hydraulic hoses is one of the basic predictions of hose life. The Burst pressure test determines the burst strength of the component. The working pressure defines the process of testing and evaluating industrial hoses according to SAE and ISO standards.

After completing the test procedure, some factors that need to be considered when selecting hydraulic fittings: Attachment connection pressure level flexibility and reliability When selecting hydraulic hoses and fittings, it is important to choose the right pair for various reasons. When preparing to equip the system, it is essential to comply with all safety standards.

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