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This time, I'm going to talk about an indispensable item when using a suit: a tie. When it comes to wearing a shirt and tie, which colors and styles from Silk Ladies Scarf Suppliers look good with?

1. White shirt: any tie

What man doesn't have a white shirt in his closet yet? Basically, it can be matched with any color and pattern tie. You can decide the style depending on the occasion you are going to, the style you want to go today, and the material and color of the suit.

For example, a professional and stable image must be the main focus in the workplace. A white shirt is suitable for black, gray and navy blue ties; for casual parties, orange, green and yellow ties can be used to create a distinct impression, and brown or burgundy ties can be used. Create a textured atmosphere; if paired with a suit, wool material with a woolen tie, a striped suit with a striped tie, etc. A white shirt is a versatile addition to any tie, so try it, and you don't need to worry about inappropriateness.

2. Blue shirt: navy blue, burnt orange, wine red, dark green, mustard yellow tie

Light blue shirts should be second only to white shirts for everyone. The classic way to wear them is to choose a navy blue tie. Adding blue to blue gives a low-key, calm and restrained atmosphere. The pattern part is very suitable whether it has dots, grids, or straight diagonal stripes. The material selection of elastic, glossy silk can make people feel refreshed; if it is cold in winter, a thicker woolen material not only keeps you warm, but also highlights the texture. It is a favorite item for many fashion people when it is cold.

Jump out of similar colors, and then we will see the burnt orange that complements blue, a little bit of vitality and warm sunshine jumping out of the gloomy blue sky, revealing that you are a mature and stable person but not boring. The contrasting colors of blue are red and yellow, so wine red and mustard yellow ties will also look very good.

3. Pink shirt: wine red, dark purple, dark gray, navy blue tie

Many men get scared when they encounter pink, and trust me, it's really not as difficult as you think! First of all, you must know that because pink itself is enough to show off, so China Handkerchief Manufacturers ties take the dark and calm line, and navy blue is still the choice you can never go wrong with. Going towards similar colors, burgundy and dark purple ties are also safe to match. When choosing a gray tie, you can complement it with a gray suit. While the tie that goes with a pink shirt is as plain as possible, sometimes a bit more fancy works, like a burgundy base with a print, a pink base with dark pinstripes, or a navy base with pink dots The style, and some ingenious ideas that add effects without being too exaggerated, make you who are already quite conspicuous jump out of the crowd.

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