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Remember that is only a suggestion for

There were too many bots on AZs that I only managed 50k/hr. Slayer tasks typically offer up to 80k xp for every hour. I don't know of runescape gold a single task which gives 80kxp/hour. Make sure to click at the right moment on AZS, and you won't face any problems. There's no reason to not bot slayer as well.

I am currently 100k exp from 99 woodcutting. I thought I would get an Saradomin sword. However, I decided to like to start a discussion on the forum to see what everyone's opinions are regarding whether I should go for the ss, or the one that is bgs, meaning they are in the same price range in the present. I have a whip and dragon defender currently however I'm not able to train strength with them and I'm more comfortable with 2h weapons. It's pretty much exactly the same using the ss than I do with the whip anyways.

So I'm at the finish line of the wood cutting I am sick of doing stuff which is why I'm planning to play some PVP related mini-games. Like clan wars. Also, I could do some business or quests, together with some instruction every time. I've never "grinded" and did whatever I wanted to. This is why I am insane from cutting the wood for months on end. There's nothing better to do when you're grinding than kill each other.

I'm aware that ss is recommended for training however, the bgs is more to be used for bosses and for pking. Therefore, I'm guessing this will lead to the ss, but as I mentioned before, I'ven't posted for a while, and I needed an excuse to get back on the forum and probably, with my level being below 80, it will end up going to the ss. However, it's never hurt to initiate a conversation. After I get the last 100k of woodcutting experience, I will be able to earn some money by battling blue dragons by whipping them for a few days. If you have a different suggestion of weapon, let me know.

So I suggest you always practice using slayer It shouldn't take very long to build up to 70 all in all, maybe some days depending on the amount of time you spend playing every day.

A fantastic set-up for Slayer, which is quite inexpensive is to use the Slayer Helm Neitznot (sp?) Helm until you obtain the slayer's helm Amulet of Glory, Fighter Torso (can easily be acquired in just a few hours) torag's platelegs Verac's plateskirt if be using prayer on your duties as it comes with prayer bonuses, Whip / Dragon Scimitar Dragon Defender, and Dragon Boots, and Obsidian Cape (unless you have either a firecape, or skillcape).

Remember that is only a suggestion for equipment, you can always switch things to a different level. For example, you can swap out your defender for an Obsidian shield when you consider you require an additional protection, and you can always utilize dragon plateleg's if you do not need to fix the armor on osrs cash your barrow, as it breaks down in combat.

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