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Nike released Tiempo94 Materazzi-Cheap Nike Lebron 11

All athletes are trying to strive for excellence , the Italian football championship Materazzi is no exception. For Materazzi , the Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) is the best embodiment of excellence . Although Jordan with his separated by vast oceans , but Jordan 's spirit has inspired his constant pursuit of perfection. Moreover, very obsessed with shoes on Materazzi , and eventually opened a shoe store in Milan . To celebrate the achievements and established Materazzi shoes stores , Nike Tiempo '94 Mid launched three series of shoes , to have an important impact on the source Materazzi career tribute .

July 17, 1994 , Nike 's most high-profile football arena became the focus ,Cheap Nike Lebron 11, then Nike is proud to announce that for the football field into a new force. It shares the new force is not limited to 22 players on the pitch , but also around the world emerge. On that day , an Italian defender , wearing a No. 23 jersey , wearing shoes Tiempo , by virtue of its outstanding ability to score and the pursuit of excellence, destined to become a generation of world stars, legendary.

After 20 years, Nike Materazzi gave the opportunity to celebrate his victory journey . Let him use Tiempo '94 this shoe as a canvas , paints a magnificent picture of the pursuit of excellence . He decided to follow his own wish, take advantage of this opportunity to pay tribute to its two most important factors for success on the journey : Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) and the city of Milan .

There are three Air Jordan tattoo a fully expose his love for the classic Air Jordan 1 shoes on his right arm . Little is known more for his incomparable worship Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) , he wears jersey is the 23rd is the 23rd wedding date , even the son's birthday is also on the 23rd . The Nike Tiempo '94 launched three series of shoes ,SUPREME NIKE FOAMPOSITE FOR SALE, with a quality leather uppers and iconic color combinations , these three shoes for their idol to show his respect and love shoes .

But also to shape his tribute to the city of Milan . Shoes color symbolizes the team he represents , as well as his opponents , and brought him success in the city.

The Tiempo series shoes will be in,Buy Cheap Nike Flyknit, Materazzi shoes shop Space23 sale Feb. 23 . Since March will be designated Nike global retail sale.

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