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Reebok launched shine uninhibited graffiti behind Crack is Wack joint series

Ray uninhibited graffiti behind

- Keith Haring x Reebok ",Cheap basketball shoes;Crack is Wack" Pack joint series

AP (September 2014) - 80 years of American popup graffiti artist Keith Haring affects never only the period of the graffiti culture his go ambition still be driven along the trend of the sector today. Although Keith Haring died juvenile,yet Keith Haring's works chance the lifeblood of chart inspiration,folk works along Keith Haring,plus constantly create current things. Reebok from 2013 began apt Keith Haring's go is inspired along Keith Haring added factor amid numerous classic Reebok shoes,, so many extra interesting shoes pop elements. June 2014 Reebok afresh with the classic works of Keith Haring "Crack Is Wack"for blueprint inspiration, collaboration shoes bring the latest quarter.

Before the introduction of shoes compared to cooperate with Keith Haring, the Reebok surplus distinctive theme chosen theme, Keith Haring's work aspiration be surplus entirely reflected in the shoes. The theme of this set of shoes by the 1986 Keith Haring mural created one called Crack Is Wack, the mural namely immediately located among a handball tribunal among New York City, 128th Street and Second Avenue among Design inspiration comes from the painting was Crack Epidemic civilization prevailed, American young folk because extravagant dependence aboard drugs. Keith Haring painting creation is apt inform juvenile people away from drugs by the period Before using this work for not too rich color rendering,but selected only African pearly plus orange tricolor. Structured so that the theme color works by a glance.

This phase Reebok Keith Haring Crack Is Wack catena set surrounded African and white orange shoes also painting Crack Is Wack works as a tri-color draft color shoes, shoes plus shoes body created onward Keith Haring depicting classic graffiti picture In addition apt shoes outdoor the body with Keith Haring graffiti form,among array to encounter Reebok Pump 25th commemoration of the birth of science plus technology, this period Reebok Keith Haring Crack Is Wack catena set entire use the classic Reebok's Pump shoes, including the Insta Pump Fury, Pump Dual Running ,Cheap Air Jordans, Pump Court Victory, Pump Omni Lite plus Pump Aerobic Lite for Her. Keith Haring graffiti recreation cartoon catena gives the Pump shoes new life.

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