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Dragon have nine sons Nike Hypredunk 2012-Cheap Jordans

In the last issue of our magazine for the player in this edition we both familiar and unfamiliar categories do little to pave the way ,Cheap Jordans, this issue will begin our shoes together well-known collector EvianChow player version of the shoes we offer appreciation, together with us to feel the players these special shoes are feet charm .

Formal lecture, we got a Nike Hypredunk 2012 to share , though it is a shoe began to emerge from the previous year , but the evergreen Nike Hypredunk 2012 so far in the NBA there are still players wear . Choose the shoe so as lecturing for several reasons: First, these shoes before Hyperdunk 2011 and has a great breakthrough in the design, especially in the bottom equipped cushioning technology , from the original Zoom Air dominant role , replacing Lunarlon; Second, in these shoes Nike who first gives the Nike Plus concept , equipped with a pair of basketball shoes chip technology , I believe a lot of this has been put on the application of the Nike Plus and friends must feel the technology brings to the sport a new experience.

This month we got a total of 11 different color of the Hyperdunk 2012 player version , which include the expansion of the New York Knicks player Amare Stoudemire , Chandler , Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers , Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol, and BHM ( black March ) and the 2012 version of Christmas players .
First look Stoudemire player version and a commercial version which is also the difference between the largest and best embodies the distinctive version of a set of players . The difference is that its most intuitive version compared with the conventional thick tongue a lot , semi- hollow upper part of the inner circle of the ankle is completely filled , the hardness and thickness of a significant reinforcement, using a memory foam lining material is also different,, the shoe midsole adding carbon plate support , this version also other players are apparently different. Of course, all this needs are and the players I have a great relationship , in order to avoid injuries, so these settings can be reinforced ankles and the entire outsole support and protection . Also the most conventional setting is in the tongue of the signs that we can easily find a dedicated player himself . In contrast Chandler , difference between these players version and the commercial version of Gasol , BHM going a lot smaller , but there are subtle differences in color,Cheap Air Jordan 12 Retro, size, workmanship , superior materials , such as exclusive sign players , the name abbreviation , or is it a small pattern reflects the atmosphere of Christmas

Big bottom part is another noteworthy , Nike prepared a different mold for the shoe player version. We can see that the players version Gasol heel Nike Plus enabled absolutely no setup , even outsole oval hollow section also fills up , it seems that he wishes to try the new technology did not want . Stoudemire , Chandler two player version although the application of the Nike Plus outsole , but did not actually carry this technology in the midsole, Nike Plus hollow section nor the identity . As a spokesperson for Nike was one of the main push , Griffin player version of the biggest feature is in the bottom part of the application of the flagship Nike Plus technology, new technology can help him to some statistics corresponding values ​​in the game. As the focus of the Christmas version of the Hyperdunk 2012 is also equipped with the high-tech .
Through the above brief introduction , I believe we already have a preliminary version of the players feel unusual in the future we will also continue to offer various brands of shoes in different styles player versions appreciation introduction, interested friends please continue concerned about this new column .

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