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Being a virgin is very cool -- the British development of sex safety education for middle school stu

< p > AP in order to attract the attention of students, in the school wide posters,hogan outlet, including in the toilet,golden goose soldes, dormitories and affixed with posters and banners above the is also very unique,yeezy boost 350 pas cher, such as "virgin cool",hogan outlet, ": you think of it enough?" Etc.. Curious teenage students will pay attention to these posters,nike tn pas cher, what one sees and hears much will be affected and, eventually, they will found to keep chastity keeps his own happiness. < p > in the UK public health department secretary Yvette & middot; Cooper said: "this is a with the movement of the high school students directly dialogue,tn requin pas cher, let them know the truth." Cooper has ordered the campaign to make it feel "fashionable" and "perfect".

  < br / > the Nafangwang hearing the has always been the ladies and gentlemen of itself as the British people now could not bear this glory,moncler outlet, "traditional" and "conservative" and "self-restraint" and other British people flaunt advantages are history, the fact is that British teenagers on the opening degree is a bit is not lost to the Americans,hogan sito ufficiale, taste the countless students "forbidden fruit",michael kors pas cher, which leads to moral degradation and confusion. Teenage pregnancy rate rose sharply. According to statistics, the British teen pregnancy rate is the highest in Europe. Therefore,air max pas cher, the British government decided in high school to carry out a "sexual pleasure" (TheJoyofNoSex),nike tn pas cher, the movement of the,golden goose, the education of boys and girls to keep their virginity and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies, the British government for the plan allocated $87 million.

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