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Mar 26
Wow, never heard of that. I have a 17-year-old kid–we talk about a lot of stuff, but he might be too embarrassed to mention these particular fads to me.

He hangs with a pretty popular, yet studious, group of kids. I don’t have much suspicion that there’s a lot of drinking going on with them, let alone absorption of alcohol in this manner.

I actually take a European approach to drinking with him. He is allowed to have a glass of wine now and then at home during nice dinners or the holidays. Our state allows minors to drink if accompanied by parents, so he has been to the occasional wine tasting and has had wine at restaurants. I keep my liquor in an open area, and he knows I know exactly how much is there, should he or his friends decide to imbibe. He now turns up his nose at fruity mixed drinks and beer and has developed a bit of a snobby attitude about wine. I’d rather have him lean this way than drink indiscriminately to get drunk.

He’s very responsible and knows he has earned his drinking privileges. He also knows the consequences if he’s caught drinking outside of our watch (grounding and loss of driving). I don’t think it will be an issue, because he’s a very mature kid.
Mar 24
Today I decided to try and ask her out on a date and accomplish that way but she never answered my call or called me back? So what do you think am I just completely wasting my time with this girl or should I try and see her a few more times to see if anything comes out of it. ~Time to Fly?~

Dear TTF: The Bitter Single Guy gets how the sitch has been frustrating to date, but he believes you need to give this a little more time before pulling the plug. Your Cagey Carnation may be trying to play a little hard to get, or she may even be equally frustrated with the string of public connections that lack personal time. In any case, you have what, three data points? Hardly enough to draw a conclusion. Hang in there.
Mar 17
I decided to change my job, it is sucking the life out of me and I decided I missed the military, so I joined the Air Force Reserves and heading out for training in the summer to become a flight medic. This jump has made me so happy and it helps out me and my son. :) He can see I am happier too!
Mar 17
I could be changing my tone about Crocs… those rainboots are awesome! My 3-year-old might be the only kid that doesn’t have Crocs. I cannot stand them. Even when they might be functional (the pool or the beach) I haven’t caved. But those rain boots are mighty fetching and it has been ‘winter’ in LA (aka 48 degrees and rainy)….
Mar 17
well I used to get annoyed when people would make comments to me that I always wore crocs and they didn’t like them, I started letting everyone try them on, even people I barely knew, it worked they loved them, and tell them how easy they are to order and they love it! who knew I’d set a trend in crocs in my area.
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