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Jan 16
Listen ladies, we arent getting any younger and the dating pool is getting bigger. If you really want to meet someone, jump at every opportunity or invitation to meet a new person that is not part of your normal routine! This is the way you meet a guy, especially if you dont want to do the bar routine. Good luck this week. Get out of your comfort zone and make it your priority to go somewhere different, new and not with a pack of girls. Make your entrance memorable!
Jan 13
The next episode of AoF - Great Sex for Good Guys, the Coaches’ Circle Podcast, is online now.

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What kinds of things do we talk about? Taking girls to strip clubs. Fucking with and without condoms. STDs and pregnancy, the real risks. How to come more. How to come faster. How to come later. How to come harder. Make her do things you don’t think she wants to do (but she does).

Here’s what you get in this episode:

The only right way to talk dirty
Getting past the “panty barrier”
How to set up dates to make it easy for both of you to enjoy great sex
Get yourself off more and better with a simple change you never thought of
If you like sex, but aren’t signed up for AoF, you are gonna miss out on a great sex life. :)

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Dec 2 '20
Met a man online who POOF'ed after five fun, fabulous dates where we had wonderful, effortless chemistry. Unfortunately I was really starting to fall for him (and perhaps he sensed this) and now I have to pick up the pieces while it appears our time together meant very little to him. On our last date he was attentive, romantic and everything seemed fine. Maybe things got too intense and he wasn't ready for a relationship so he bailed. I emailed him after a week and he responded right away and then disappeared. Stupidly, I tried one more time a week later..same thing..disappeared and left me hanging. It's sad that by disappearing so rudely, he is basically burning a bridge which to me means, this is OVER wiith a capital O. I know I should feel relieved that it happened after only five dates instead of 4-5 months but I'm still feeling very discouraged about dating when I can be so misled by a charmer. And at 50, I'm no spring chicken but he certainly played me for a fool. �?
Nov 20 '20
I think one thing to add from a mans perspective is that if you enjoy spending time with a certain man and you are to busy you have to plan it and schedule that time with him.
It sends a sublte message to him that you want to spend time with him, but you also can't allow yourself to be stressed about it. He will appreciate you being honest and upfront without making him feel your not intrested.
On the big plus side if you free up some time you will also be able to call him up if you want and ask him out on a date. He'll love that!!
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