I use proper hair care

Find the right hairstyle
If your hair is thick and you want to tame your frying, choose a short hairstyle or a square cut.
Use Disciplined Hair Styles
C? Hair styling products, there are many care before and after the haircut. Spray, fog or agitator can be used for wet or dry hair. Most of them also have medicines for treating fiber and hydration length.

Become a smooth career
Finally, in everyday or temporary situations, you can use a hairstyle device, such as a smoother iron or dryer, with flat bumps to smooth your length. Be careful not to oversensitize your hair and choose too high a temperature.

Cold, wearing friction clothes. In winter, your hair often electrifies. Just like you don't have static electricity in your buy human hair wigs hair? These are six rules.
Like a magnet, your hair is attracted to your hair brush or sweater. This is because their electrostatic loads are opposite to those of these objects. Winter is getting worse and worse because hair humidity is getting lower and lower. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions.

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