Quality Requirements For Home Textile Fabrics

For us, home textile fabrics should be regarded as a kind of fabrics of more manufacturers. In addition to the clothing fabrics we wear, the fabrics we pay most attention to should be home textile fabrics. So what are the requirements for home textile fabric ?

In addition to the inherent quality requirements of the fabrics used in the early home textiles, they only have certain requirements for shrinkage and color fastness. With the rapid development of the domestic home textile market, there are higher requirements for the functional type of home textile fabrics. Users have more stringent requirements for home textiles: for towels, adults and children must use it every day, so the fabric has higher requirements for water absorption, antibacterial and deodorization; for bedding, it is in pursuit of warmth , And not too heavy; for curtains, not only have to play a decorative role in the interior, but also have higher requirements for wind resistance and water resistance; for sofas, in addition to the requirements of beauty and good feel In addition, the fabric has good stain resistance and stain removal is also an important criterion. These performance requirements are very demanding from the perspective of textile technology, and even many indicators conflict with each other. No single natural or chemical fiber can meet these requirements. It can only achieve these functions as much as possible through the composite of multiple fibers and multi-channel chemical finishing.

In home textiles, polyester flannel fabric is a very good choice. In addition to quality and guarantee, its comfort and warmth are very good.

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