Various Classifications Of Countersunk Head Rivet Nut

The fasteners that we come into contact with in our daily life are not a few, especially the rivet nuts, we basically all come into contact, at least we will see. As a self-fastening nut, the countersunk head rivet nutt is not widely used.

There are always many classifications of rivet nuts, so the countersunk rivet nuts are naturally no exception. According to the material, the countersunk head rivet nuts can be divided into whatever you want, carbon steel, alloy aluminum and copper. According to whether it is closed or not, it can be divided into through hole type and blind hole type. According to the rod, it can be divided into cylindrical, cylindrical grooved, full hexagonal, semi-hexagonal, and quadrangular. According to the surface treatment method, it can be divided into only zinc, environmentally friendly blue and white zinc, environmentally friendly color zinc, black zinc and so on.

A variety of rivet nuts, such as countersunk rivet nut and blind rivet nut , are the fasteners that we can often use in our daily lives. They are very useful in terms of appearance, material and purpose. , And although its volume is not large, it has been involved in many industries such as automobiles, aviation, railways and other transportation industries as well as household products such as refrigeration and instruments, which shows its wide range of uses.

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