How To Comb Rabbit Fur Fabric

Many fabrics are not very soft at the beginning, and some even have knots, so we need to comb them. For example, rabbit fur fabric , we need to comb them. So what are the useful methods and some precautions in the process of combing?

Combing generally uses metal combs or wooden combs. The order of combing is to comb the back, side, buttocks, tail, and hind limbs, then lift the skin of the ears and neck to comb the front chest, abdomen, and both sides of the thighs and finally tidy the forehead, cheeks, and ears. When you encounter lumpy hair, you can slowly tear it with your fingers before combing. If it is really difficult to tear off, you can cut off the lumpy hair.

Grooming is a meticulous and time-consuming task, especially for long-haired rabbits with sparse coats that tend to clump regularly. Long-haired rabbits have thinner skin, especially those around the root of the tail, to prevent tearing the skin. When combing, you should go from top to bottom, hold the comb in the right direction and insert it in the forward direction, and hold the comb in the opposite direction.

The above method is naturally applicable to teddy velvet fabric , so this method can also be used when combing teddy velvet fabric.

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