HSS Cobalt Drill Bit And Cobalt Drill

Now almost every household has drill bits, some are very wood drill bits, and some may be other drill bits. Most people must have wood drill bits in their homes because that is the one we use more. But what we are talking about today is not the wood drill bit, but the HSS cobalt drill bit .

Both high-cobalt drill bits and cobalt-containing drill bits are HSS cobalt drill bits. The raw material for cobalt-containing drills is high-speed steel, but not all high-speed steels can be called cobalt-containing drill bits. The most common type is called cobalt-containing drill bits. The grades of the two high-speed steel materials are M35 high-speed steel and M42 high-speed steel. Why is there the name of the cobalt-containing drill? That's because the two high-speed sheets of steel, M35, and M42, have cobalt properties in their materials. M35 has a cobalt content of 5%, and M42 has a cobalt content of 8%. Cobalt is used to produce heat-resistant alloys, hard alloys, and anticorrosive alloys. , Magnetic alloys and important raw materials for various cobalt salts.

Although the HSS cobalt drill bit is easy to use and very durable, the wood auger drill bit is still better in terms of practicality.

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