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The current fabric market is developing too fast. Not only have various traditional fabrics appeared, but also many new materials have appeared, which are favored by sellers in the market. In recent years, a kind of fabric called Teddy velvet has appeared on the market. This word can often be seen on the Internet, and the market demand is great now. Do you know what kind of fabric teddy velvet fabric is? How to choose it?

Teddy velvet fabric is a kind of material produced from polyester material through slack processing and other methods. People who don't know what kind of fabric teddy velvet is and what its use will not like this material too much, but once they know its characteristics, they will prefer this material. When choosing this kind of product daily, try to choose products produced by larger companies, whose quality is more secure, and secondly, pay attention to the composition of teddy velvet, most of which are polyester fiber, but to make the fabric have For better elasticity, about 5% to 8% spandex will be mixed during processing. The specific purchase depends on the purpose.

Like teddy velvet fabric, rabbit fur fabric is also a popular fabric in recent years. The comfort and warmth can be guaranteed. They are all very good fabrics.

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