Continuity Test Of Threading Tools

In the process of threading, the staff must comply with the specifications required by international standards. Unreasonable pipeline laying, irregular installation steps, and inadequate management system will all affect the results. Therefore, there are also very strict requirements for threading, and threading is indispensable to the use of threading tools . This use still needs to be implemented in a standardized manner.

After the staff has completed the threading, all cables should be fully tested for continuity. Test method: Strip all the cores of the cables at both ends to expose the copper cores. Set the digital multimeter to the continuity test position at one end, and connect the two test leads to a pair of cable cores steadily; at the other end, touch the pair of cable cores briefly. If you can hear the intermittent beep sound at the end of the watch, it is OK, and the core of each cable must be measured. The problems that can be found by this test are disconnection, disconnection, and wrong labeling.

So if you want to thread, you still need professional staff to help. The same is true for people who want to engage in cutting tools wholesale . All walks of life have their own rules and standards, and the wholesale industry naturally has its standards and requirements.

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