Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fabric Two-Color Effect

Flannel fabrics have been loved by people since the beginning because of their warmth and comfort. In addition to the characteristics of flannel fabrics, the flannel cationic jacquard fabric has the advantages of cationic fabrics and jacquard fabrics.

The biggest feature of cationic fabrics is the two-color effect, not warmth, and the important indicators of fabric warmth are the thickness of the fabric and the brushing effect. In other words, if the cationic fabric is thick enough and has an excellent brushing effect, it can be used as a fabric for thermal clothing and thermal pants. Also, cationic fabrics do not belong to "high-precision" technology, they belong to "old products", which have long been used in linings, various curtain fabrics, and decorative fabrics. With the development of science and technology in recent years, cationic fabrics have also been improved year by year, and the application fields have become wider and wider.

In addition to clothing, many printed quilt also use jacquard technology to make the color and style of the printed quilt more vivid.

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