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Shenzhen power outage traffic paralysis deep harmo

reason preliminary judgment for power supply equipment fault

part of the lot traffic paralysis

part of the local power outages for up to two or three hours

< p > reporter last night from the Shenzhen railway station learned that affected by the Shenzhen blackouts, Guangzhou east railway station with hundreds of passengers in the waiting room of retention.
< p > last night 9 when 15 minutes or so,ray ban pas cher, the reporter saw in Shenzhen Shennan Shangbu Road, the red green light goes out, traffic paralysis,gafas ray ban outlet, police directing traffic at the scene. In addition, in the East Gate Road and the gorgeous Road intersection point to a crossroads, yesterday in the evening 9 when 30 minutes, here the traffic signal lamp has been completely not bright traffic once chaotic situation. After two traffic police vehicles parked at the intersection, traffic police on the scene directing traffic. After the blackout, Shennan Road, Sungang Road,scarpe hogan outlet, Xinzhou Road, several main roads also appeared temporary confusion. < p > the newspaper Shenzhen hearing (reporter Jiang Cai, long Kun) Guangzhou Shenzhen harmony, caused by late hundreds of passengers retention, traffic signal lamp "strike,tn requin pas cher, partial a section of a highway traffic paralysis,hogan outlet, a number of large shopping malls due to power outages in the elevator outage... Last night 8 when 30 minutes or so,hogan outlet online, Shenzhen Fukuda,outlet hogan milano, Lo Wu, Longgang zone of "Blackout" (the phenomenon of large-scale blackouts), the part of the region lasted more than two hours, due to the sudden interruption of power supply,ray ban pas cher, Shenzhen various places by power outages.

Shenzhen power, part of the building with emergency lights shining. Reporter Yang Qin photo

ShenZhen Railway Station responsible person said, the accident did not cause the blackout in Shenzhen north station,hogan outlet online, Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed rail operation. But due to the Shenzhen railway station blackout, before supply did not restore to normal, Guangshen EMU twice did not dare to start, leading to train late 20 ~ 30 minutes.

wide deep harmony hundreds of passengers stranded

affected by the power outage, a wide range of harmony, the number of trains appeared late. Introduce according to the Shenzhen railway station,chaussures le coq sportif, power outages have affected, Guangshen line Sungang, Shenzhen railway station to 20 29 minutes break, affect the operation of the train. D7009 inferior 19 trains appear 3~70 minutes behind schedule. The railway department quickly launched the emergency plan, in a timely manner to inform passengers of the delay, and to start the standby generator to supply power to the equipment. 21:29, the Guangzhou Shenzhen line train to resume normal operation.

wide deep harmony was delayed hundreds of passengers stranded



< p > in this regard, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau made through the draft said last night around 8:30, Shenzhen Luohu,hogan outlet, Futian, Longgang area all of a sudden power failure, the cause of the accident preliminary judgment for 500 kV Shenzhen substation equipment fault trigger, the details are still further investigation. After the accident, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau immediately launched the emergency plan,golden goose sito ufficiale, the evening of all the resumption of power.

street lamp failure, the traffic police to maintain order at the crossroads. Reporter Yang Qin photo


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